4 Reasons Why Your Edges are Thinning


Edges, hairline, baby hairs, regardless of what you call them, we can all agree that we love when they're healthy and flourishing! Thinning edges are a result of many things such as illness, genetics, nutritional deficiencies, manipulation, and much more.

Keep scrolling to learn about what you may be doing to contribute to thinning edges.

1) Your protective styles are too tight

If you're not able to wink or raise your eyebrows comfortably after getting your hair done, then your protective style is too tight, period. It's important to listen to your scalp. If you feel any discomfort, that's your body's way of warning you that damage is occurring.

Communicate with your stylist to reduce the tension and to leave some baby hair out. Whether you're rocking a protective style or not, you want to always care for your hair and your hairline by massaging in your favorite hair growth oil.

2) You're leaving your edge control in overnight

Did you know that you're supposed to wash off your edge control each time you use it? Edge control can clog your pores and cause tension and unnecessary breakage if it's left on for too long. 

When you do apply edge control, make sure you use one that is deeply moisturizing and not packed with alcohol. Use a soft bristle brush to apply it, an old toothbrush will work just fine!

3) You're causing damage with the lace glue/spray

Lace fronts are very popular these days and we understand why! They're versatile and come with their own baby hair! Most people install lace fronts with hair glue or an adhesive, which can lead to breakage. The amount of breakage you experience can depend on the length of time you keep the style in and how it's removed.

To save your baby hairs, you can use other methods of installing your lace front that does not involve adding glue to your hairline. Some lace fronts come with wig clips and elastic bands that can add extra security. Your average bobby pins could also work for securing your wigs

4) You forget to wear your bonnet to bed

Sleeping without a bonnet and laying on cotton pillowcases can cause moisture loss and breakage to the hairline. 

A satin or silk bonnet or pillowcase will protect your style and protect your edges.

As mentioned above, hairline thinning could be due to a lot of reasons. If you have a problem with severe hair loss or hair thinning, please contact a board-certified dermatologist for proper care and diagnosis. 

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