Braid Kit Subscription: The Best Holiday Gift for Braid Enthusiasts

Braid Kit Subscription: The Best Gift for Braid Enthusiasts

Are you in search of a fabulous holiday gift for yourself or the braid enthusiast in your life? If the answer is yes, you will want to add Braid Kit Subscription box to the top of your list. Braids are a great protective style that can help to transform your look and aid in giving testimony to the spirit of the woman who dares to rock them. Braids are incredibly versatile and offer braid connoisseurs the ability to add volume, change their hair color, and a great way to express those growing personalities. Whether you prefer to wear your braids free-flowing or tucked away in a classic cornrow style, the Braid Kit Subscription box will undoubtedly be your most-cherished gift this season.    

Let’s take a closer look at Braid Kit Subscription and why this subscription box is a must-have addition to your protective styling arsenal.



What is Braid Kit Subscription?

There are dozens of natural hair subscription boxes in the marketplace that cater to natural hair divas. However, Braid Kit is a unique subscription box kit that provides you with access to hand-picked products, hair accessories, tools, and synthetic braiding hair brands. 

Accessing quality haircare product can be a challenge for many Black women, especially those with textured hair. In addition to providing access to quality products, the aim of Braid Kit is to inspire Black beauty enthusiasts to take charge in their journey to self discovery, personal growth, and embrace their individuality through protective styles.

How Does It Work?

When you subscribe to the bimonthly Braid Kit, you receive a box every other month filled with supplies to install your protective style. For the price of $94 and free shipping, the kit features an amazing braid style and supplies to assist you with braid care and installation. 

Our carefully thought out protective style boxes come packed with full size items with a retail value of up to $200. Each kit comes with

  • Synthetic braiding hair (enough for an adult head)
  • Hair products (growth oil, conditioner, ect.)
  • Accessories ( hair jewelry, beads, ect)
  • Tools (comb, crochet hook, etc)
  • Step-by-step tutorial of how to install featured styles

Benefits of the Braid Kit Subscription

The process of acquiring the best braid hair or braid care products to infuse moisture, protect against breakage, and still support the master plan to change your look can be daunting. The Braid Kit Subscription box offers you a wealth of benefits that will help to address these challenges.

Let’s examine the top three benefits of this subscription box.

  1. Time-Saver. Shopping for products that best cater to braids or natural hair textures can command an excessive amount of your time and money. Braid Kit solves this problem for you by masterfully providing you with access to the best products, accessories, and hair to achieve the quintessential braid style right to your door.
  2. Discover new products from Black-owned brands. Many products in the market today that are marketed at Black people aren't necessarily made by Black people. Your Braid Kit Subscription box gives you VIP-access to new Black-owned haircare products. This exclusive opportunity will undoubtedly keep you in “the know” about Black-owned brands you might not otherwise learn about in retail stores or from beauty suppliers. 
  3. Box curated by a Black Braider. Braid Kit's founder is a Black woman with extensive braiding and braid care experience. Each item included in the kit is vetted and only the most beneficial products for kinky curly, and coily textures are selected. 

Are You Ready to Get Started?

Braid Kit Subscription box will give you or the Queen in your life access to a variety of unique products, hair accessories, tools, synthetic braid hair. Over time, it will help create a library of fabulous braid styles that you can access repeatedly.  

What are you waiting for? Secure your bimonthly subscription today


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