Frequently Asked Questions

About Braid Kit:

What is Braid Kit?
Braid Kit is a bimonthly subscription service for tailored for those with kinky, curly, or coily hair. Every other month, Braid Kit sends you a specially curated box filled with all the supplies you would need to install your protective style!

What kinds of products will I receive in my box?
You will receive a mystery kit every other month with items including braiding hair, hair products (hair oils, shampoo), accessories (beads, filigree tube), and tools (comb, crochet needle) from various brands. Each month, we will feature items from Black-owned businesses.


There are items on the site that you can purchase without a subscription. Non-subscription orders will be processed and shipped within business 3 days. 


How much is the Braid Kit subscription?
Recurring subscriptions are $94 every other month. This includes FREE SHIPPING. 

Can I cancel my bimonthly subscription?
A bimonthly recurring subscription can be cancelled at any time, but the first month cannot be cancelled and is not refundable. If you wish to cancel after the first month, you must do so before your subscription is set to renew. All bimonthly subscriptions renew on the 15th of the month. Please also send an email to notifying us of your cancelled account.

How do I renew my subscription after cancelling?
You can renew by logging into your account and placing a new order.

Why was my subscription deactivated?
If we are not able to charge your credit card, your subscription will be deactivated.

How can I get a refund if I’m unhappy with my box?

We are very sorry to hear that you’re unhappy with your box. Unfortunately, subscription boxes are not refundable. 


When will I be billed for my bimonthly subscription?
Your credit card will be charged on the day you purchase your subscription for your first month. You will be billed every other month after that on the 15th. Please see the billing schedule below for reference.


Where do you ship?
We only ship to the United States at this time.

When will my box ship?
Subscription boxes ship every other month between the 1st-4th of the month. Please see the shipping schedule below for reference.

When will I receive my Braid Kit?
You will receive your kit 3-5 days after you receive notification that your box has shipped. There will be a tracking number emailed to you so you may track your shipment.

What if my box or products are damaged?

Please see the return policy.

When I track my box it says my package was delivered, but I haven’t received it yet. What should I do?

We’re sorry to hear that! Unfortunately, once boxes have shipped from our warehouse, their final arrival is the responsibility of your local post office. We suggest you contact your local post office to find out the status of your delivery.

What if my box is sent to the wrong address?
We cannot be held responsible if you’ve provided an incorrect address and your box is delivered to the wrong address. If you’ve entered in the wrong address or need to update your address email us at before the last day of the month so we can make the adjustment in your account before your box ships. Once an order has been shipped, we will not be held responsible for a shipment to the wrong address.


Bimonthly Kit Billing Date Shipping Date
October Kit Bill September 15th October 1st-4th
December Kit Bill November 15th December 1st-4th
February Kit Bill January 15th February 1st-4th
April Kit Bill March 15th April 1st-4th
June Kit Bill May 15th June 1st-4th
August Kit Bill July 15th August 1st-4th